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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  December 9, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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breaking news in san franci: caltrain service is partialy shut down right now after a >> good evening. breaking news in san francisco.e --service is shut down this morning after a train hit a car. it's a few blocks away from the cal train station at 4th and tounsened -- townsend. no word yet on when it will open. police are looking for the people who stabbed a 14-year-old boy near san jose's christmas in the park. officers got a call at a carnival adjacent to plaza
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de la ceasar chavez. witnesses say the three suspects are in their teens or early 20s. >> here for the kids and the people that want to have a good christmas. not here for people to come out and start fights. you know? you guys are going to start fights, don't even come down here. just leave it to the kids. >> police believe the attack was gang-related. murder in broad daylight has oakland businesses concerned. a man was killed just before 3 p.m. saturday afternoon near jackland and square, favorite spot for tourists. witnesses report a gunman fired a fatal shot and fled the area in the 400 block of 3rd street. a shooting in the same area last july injured five people outside a movie theater. crime in the area filled with cafes and condominiums is unusual. police are investigating a deadly shooting on banyan way north of highway 4. they found
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a 43-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds. police are still looking for the shooter. jesse jackson was in san francisco today to celebrate peace sunday. he joined others to highlight the city's violence prevention initiative. the focus is to get parents involved to keep children out of the circle of crime and violence. >> jobs training, hope on the future. >> jackson also expressed his support for a revival of the ban on assault weapons. fresh crab in san francisco. synonymous for years. not so much this past week. there's been a shortage of the crustacean at local restaurants. >> reporter: this weekend an annual crab festival is sold out
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at fisherman's wharf. fans are savoring what's left of a fresh supply. crab fishermen have been on strike for a week. before that they were slowed by the storm. >> do you have any fresh crab left? >> no, we don't. >> we only have like 10 crabs left right now. >> whatever we got, whatever they can get. >> reporter: the strike is all about price. wholesalers and fisherman had spoken. >> it'd sh be worth as much as we got paid before. >> to be honest those prices would be fine for me. >> reporter: he won't harvest traps until the strike is over. >> we're getting some trouble if we started actually delivering to the companies here. >> reporter: he's hoping he can do so soon. >> it would be great to put
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money in our pockets. >> reporter: some markets are resorting to frozen crab. >> people love crab. so they're going to have crab ay way they can get it. >> reporter: crab fishermen are meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 to discuss their next step. checking area headlines. one last step needed to end a labor dispute between the port of oakland and its union. last month the workers went on a 24-hour strike that disrupted port operations. the tentative agreement includes a 2.5% cost of living increase range. the contract goes to the board of port commissioners for approval. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar will be arraigned on new charge said tomorrow. garcia-torres has been accused
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of three other attempted kidnappings. the incidents took place in 2009 all in safeway parking lots. cal students are calling to a ban to the salvation army from campus after allegations of being insensitive to lesbians and transgenders surfaced online. university officials are considering a campus wide ban. the salvation army denies any kind of bias. sad news out of the entertainment world. popular mexican american singer jenny rivera is believed dead after a jet carrying her and others crashed near mexico. rivera appeared in concert last night. she was born and raised in long beach. she was named billboard's mexican music artist
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of the year. a vallejo radio station is off the air again. it's not the first time the station has been trashed by vandals. the station's owner has his suspicions about the reason. >> it's ugly and discouraging and maybe even a hate crime. for the third time in a month now, they've attacked a small community radio station in downtown vallejo and knocked it off the air. reporter: cathy knox plays her music over the internet because the radio station she serves is off the air. taken down by vandals who cut through wiring. >> it's going to take us a while to get it back up. >> reporter: what is it that martin's station is doing that's stirring up saboteurs? >> i know it's not our content. we're a community radio stationy independent music. we talk about local events. wee
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talking about things happening in vallejo. we don't focus on negativity in vallejo. >> reporter: solar cells, power radios and batteries were damaged or stolen. this is not the first time. >> i'm never been the one to jump on the bandwagon but three times in one year, makes me think there's got to be something to that. >> reporter: the n-word was spray painted on the building in an earlier event. he doesn't want to say it's racism but he fears it is. >> i'm only one man. i can only fight so long. this is community radio. >> twice before donors have come through with money for repairs. martin says he can't keep going back. he says what he really needs is to have the vandals caught. they lined up to say i do. the crowds in washington state a -- advantage of legalized same sex marriage. >> don't sweat the holiday
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shopping. how one retail giant is taking the stress out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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voters legalized it last mo,
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and today was the first day marriage ceremonies could be performed. about 140 couples registered to tie te knot at seattle's city halls >> same sex couples tied the knot today. courthouses began performing ceremonies at midnight. washington, maine, and maryland became the first states tew prove same sex marriage by popular vote. they join six states where it's already legal. more money for holiday presents. a gallon of gas is 10 cents cheaper in recent weeks. that puts the average price at $3.38, but the cheapest in california is $3.42. that's in stockton. the most expensive is in bakersfield at $3.73 and the statewide average is $3.52. you'll have more time to spend at extra savings. macy's will stay open for 65 hours
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straight the weekend before christmas. good news for shopping procrastinators. not necessarily for store employees. macy's will open at 7 a.m. friday, december 21st. it will stay open nonstop until midnight sunday. it's a trend that started on a small scale six years ago. this year the company says all 800 stores will take part. consumers are expected to spend $600 billion this holiday season. it's been a brisk holiday shopping season already. it's time to ship. fed ex is gearing up for its busiest day of the year. fed ex says most of the increase in shipments is because of a big jump in online holiday orders. 49ers fans attending today's game helped make the holidays happier for some kids. >> putting on a toy drive, $1 donations. toys for tots right here. everything helps the kids
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right here for christmas. >> the 49ers teamed up with operation dream to collect toys and cash donations before the game. last year the groups collected more than 20,000 toys. children living in public housing, low income neighborhoods, and in hospital. the second night of hanukkah tonight. the lighting ceremony will continue each night at 5:00 except for the 8th and final night, next friday, it will be lit at 3:00 followed by a second menorah lighting followed by a celebration with hanukkah treats. the festival of lights. they call it art but you might call it crazy. the amazing feat of two men on motorcycles. >> here we are two weeks away from christmas and we have record high temperatures. now the day that will pan out to be
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look at these two >> it's not just a marathon of endurance but one of balance and skill. take a look at these two unicyclists. they traveled over 200 miles over the florida bay and gulf of mexico. >> there's no coasting. we're paddling all 106 miles up. there's no moment when we're on this that we can say i'll relax and let it take me. >> officials in the florida keys believe this is the first time anyone has used the
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unicycle to ride down the island linking the chain. will we see you on a unicycle soon? >> i think i'll stick to running. outside, here we go, taking a look at record highs across the bay area. it was 66 degrees at the airport in oakland. that broke the old record set back in 1976. the other record was 70 in kent tying a record established back in 1934. otherwise low 70s in santa rosa and napa. 76 degrees in san jose. 5 degrees above average. we were anywhere between 5 and 13 degrees above normal. san jose, bright lights, international airport currently at 61 degrees. we're quickly dipping in to the 50s and 60s. before tomorrow morning, sun up at 7:15. we'll dip down tonight overnight in to the 30s and 40s. cool spot toward the delta, a hit of stratus in the form of fog.
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38 degrees tri-valley. 43 redwood city. sure, we have an area of low pressure right there banging up against the pacific northwest, bringing rain showers there. slowly meandering in to the east toward montana because of the huge ridge of high pressure that's diverting the storm track. today contributed to an offshore flow. we peaked today. future cast. we'll go out 72 hours. here's r monday and tuesday. absolutely nothing going on. then watch by midweek, wednesday. here come the clouds. there's wednesday morning commute. rain already passed through the north day. already strating over the entire central bay. all day long you'll need that umbrella on wednesday. right now it's looking between a quarter and 3/4s of an inch of rain. monday, 63 degrees in sacramento. a very foggy start from fresno through mercedin to
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-- merced in to modesto. the winds will be out of the northeast. offshore, 5 to 15 miles per hour. 67 degrees in santa rosa. so just a tad cooler than today. additional cooling but the offshore flow continues on tuesday. then really in and out of rain showers on wednesday all the way through sunday, which means we could see rain showers this time next week for raiders. ee if the raiders can get back on track. how did the seahawks score 58 points today against the cardinals? did colin kaepernick do enough? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with road games in new engld and seattle in the next two >> good day to watch the 9ers play and frank gordon, the record books. >> the division is going to get really interesting in the next couple weeks. the 9ers have road games in new england, seattle, in the next two weeks. the san francisco 49ers could not let today's game against miami slip away. colin kaepernick looking to keep them in control. 6-3 san francisco in the 3rd quarter. punts from the shade in to the sun. can't come up with it. the 49ers have the ball at the 9-yard line. two plays later they give it to
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frank gore in from two yards out, his 50th career touchdown. that ties roger craig and joe perry for a 49ers' franchise record. 4th quarter, anthony dixon adds. miami goes in to desperation mode. they're on 4th down here. ryan tannehill. what a catch. he brought it down with one han watch the knee here come down and that is just inbounds and the 9er lead is cut to 20-13. a little over 4 minutes left in the game. dolphins driving again. again it's 4th down. tannehill down the sidelines. incomplete. the 49ers take over on downs. w they're just trying to kill the clock. but colin kaepernick, keeper. there he goes. 50-yard touchdown run which sea. the 49ers win 27-13 and they improve nowo 9-1.
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>> alongside frank gore and another tusand-yardushing year. what do you thinkf that? >> it's a blessing. the line did a great job. >> he's a football player. let me reiterate this. frank ia footba player. >> compared to last year i think'm a lot more offense than what defenses are doing. offense has a lot of volume and that's something that takes a lot of time. >>vera o impressions going in to an envirment lik that? it's tom brady. you know you're ing to have to g your a-game especially on the defensive side. we're looking forward to it. we've been playin great football on the defensive side. the challenge. >> plenty of fireworks for the seahawks while hosting arizona, 1st quarter, oakland native and former cal star. lynch had three touchdowns in the game today. the seahawks' defense
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was the sto they forced eight turnovers and they had twe nse touchdowns. erman had that one and seatt wins -- u ready? 58-0 you cannote serious. th49s and seahawks both winning, san francisco's lead in thefc west remains 1 and a hal games. there are three games left in the season. the 49ers are going to be in seattle inwoks. wee cys playing aay after teamte jerry brown was killed in a car accident with josh brent. tony romo to dez bryt. 27-yard score. dallas down 19-r seconds left. bailey just for the win. yes! 40 yards out. they win 20-19. they honor their fallen teammatn . >> i spoke to his mom after the ball game and i told her we gave her son the game ball and we're going to share that with her. we're going to have a memorial service on tuesday and we're going to continue to honor jerry
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brown, the kind of young man he has been. college basketball. bears hosting number 21 unlv. s than 30 seconds left. california up 73-72. bennett hits the jumper. unlv on top. pump fake. gets through the dee air. he draws the foul. he goes to the line. he makes both free throws. cal5 -74, 11 seconds left. marshall air balls the jump shot. thomas grabs the ball, lays it in with less than a second left on the clock. cal loses a heartbreaker 76-75. so you think that shaq and dwight howard can't shoot free throws? appalachian's state okam. that was a legitimate free throw.
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that is the toughest effort i've ever seen. it was a shock and surprise for the city of vallejo. what was dug up during a dredging project. no one ever expected. why it's considered a very goodt only for the city but for the health of the napa river. three california women mortified over what was on their restaurant bill. the insult that has a server in very hot water. those stories tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. ,,,,,,,,
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